About us:

  •  We are your partner on the way to excellent customer service. 
  •  We provide your management teams with valuable, easy understandable, visualised data, so you can make correct decisions about company development.
  •  We treat our obligations with highest respect, because we know, the cost of bad customer service. 

Kvako team has been providing servicing audits since 2003. During past years we have gained respected experience providing customer servicing audits, competitor audits and other services. We have worked with companies like petrol stations, retail stores, telecommunication providers, restaurants, gambling halls and many other types of businesses. 

                                        Kvako is licensed

user of software, therefore we can provide our customers with one of the most modern data management and visualisation software.

You may send us a short inquiry using  contact form below, we will get back to you within present business day. 

Company details:

SIA Kvako


Ernestīnes iela 26-2, Rīga


+371 29295849, +371 67471293