Your eyes over industry
                                                                                             It takes months to find a customer and second to lose one

Have you ever though about?

  •  Are your customers served according to instructions
  •  Are my premises tidy and clean
  •  Do my customers receive email answers timely
  •  Is it convenient to use company call centre. 
  • Do my employees fill promises to customers
  •  Is it easy to use my service
  •  Does my merchandise in partner stores is stored according to agreement.
  • How can I improve efficiency of my customer service

What does my competitors do?

  • How customers are serviced at my competitors
  • Which companies offer similar goods or services
  • What novelties offer my competitors
  • How competirors price their offers

Never underestimate cost of bad customer service

In average 15 customers tells their friends about bad experience
50% from customers tend to choose other suppliers, than the one with bad customer service experienced 
"Millennial's" tend to spend up to 25% more for goods or services, where they have had good customer experience.